Ruminate Magazine | Spring 2017

Short Blurb | Published by Ruminate Magazine
Kristen Bussard, Managing Editor

I’ve been following Ruminate Magazine for a while. When I read about the opportunity to submit a thought to the Readers’ Notes section, I started thinking about what I wanted to say. It had to be brilliant, clever, earth-shattering. Right? I couldn’t think of anything. 🙂 Finally, I stopped trying so hard to come up with something brilliant to say and simply wanted to share my heart with someone. Anyone who would listen. I typed out something short, to the point, and submitted it.

Short Blurb | Published by Ruminate Magazine

A couple of weeks later, Managing Editor, Kristen Bussard, responded with the good news. I would get to see my thought in Issue 42. A free copy arrived in the mail. I was amazed at the quality of paper the magazine uses. Heavy stock. A mixture of art & writing throughout. The work is beautifully presented. I’m impressed!

It’s a blessing to have something I wrote in an Issue. Thank you to the Ruminate Team.

God bless.
Eric Christopher Jackson